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The “Secret” Social Sharing Tool Combo I Use Every Singe Day

The “Secret” Social Sharing Tool Combo I Use Every Single Day

By Adam W. Warner

Creating a full time business from your blog isn’t just about creating great content. It’s about providing value to your visitors and your followers on social media too. But what if you only post once, twice, or even three times a week? Is sharing your posts a few times a week on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest…

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Stylify Me Designer Tool

Use your Blog’s Theme Color Scheme in your Custom Images

By Adam W. Warner

If you’re blogging you know that creating images to accompany your posts is necessary to help give more visual appeal to your posts. Blog images are also an important part of your marketing plan for social media. I’ve already showed you the easiest way to create beautiful images for your blog. I also referenced the…

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Adding captions to YouTube videos screenshot

How to Add Closed Captioning to your YouTube Videos for Better Search Results

By Adam W. Warner

In this post I’ll show you exactly how I add closed captioning to my YouTube videos. But first, let’s talk about why I do this and why you should too. What is closed captioning on YouTube? Closed captioning (or captions) are simply written text overlaid on the video as it plays. You can see captions…

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