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How to Create Email Subscription, Special Offer and Info Bar Popups

How to Create Email Subscription, Special Offer and Info Bar Popups

By Adam W. Warner

You know this already. If you’re running any kind of website, you need to offer your visitors a way to subscribe by email. You’ve probably also found dozens of services and plugins for creating popups. But what if you need more? What if you’d like to create email opt-in forms and special offer images and those cool…

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How I Use Canva to Make Blog Images

By Adam W. Warner

I’m active in a lot of blogging and WordPress communities and one of the questions I see posted again and again is “What is the best tool to make blog images?” My answer is always and in this post I’ll tell you why and show you exactly how I utilize it to make blog images and…

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What the Hell is CSS and How Can I Simply Change the Font on My Site?

By Adam W. Warner

I’ve experienced it myself and I’ve seen many other non-developers struggle with the same question. “How do I change the font (or colors or a multitude of other design elements) of my blog?” The design, or more specifically, the styling of things on your blog theme like fonts, link colors, menu backgrounds and more are…

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guest posts

Receive and Publish Guest Posts the Easy Way

By Adam W. Warner

I just finished creating a form on this site to accept guest posts. To be clear, it’s an interview form for bloggers to submit their guest posts answers about why they chose self-hosted WordPress for their blogs and businesses. It has the standard form fields you would expect, but there is hidden beauty built in that allows…

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Adding captions to YouTube videos screenshot

How to Add Closed Captioning to your YouTube Videos for Better Search Results

By Adam W. Warner

In this post I’ll show you exactly how I add closed captioning to my YouTube videos. But first, let’s talk about why I do this and why you should too. What is closed captioning on YouTube? Closed captioning (or captions) are simply written text overlaid on the video as it plays. You can see captions…

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Mentionable plugin for internal links tutorial

How to Easily Add Internal Links to your Blog Posts

By Adam W. Warner

I’ve been using WordPress for 10 years and one of the recurring “pain points” for me is the process for adding internal links to my existing content when writing a new blog post. In this post, I’ll show you a great little utility plugin that makes adding internal links simple and fast. Video below. Linking to…

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Using the App to Connect and Post to a Self Hosted WordPress Site

By Adam W. Warner

In this post, I’ll detail my first run through and impression of the Desktop Application for Mac. This app gets installed like any other software program on your Mac and allows you to do a lot of cool things with your sites as well as your own self-hosted WordPress sites. App Video Tutorial…

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