WordPress Success Stories – An Interview with Irene Gianos


What’s the name of your business/blog?

The OP Life

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Irene Gianos and I’m the editor and founder of The OP Life. I share with people that the simple choices they make in their every lives can help them live more joyfully, more fulfilled and a more authentic life, a more “On Purpose life”. I’m also the “momager” for Honestly Margo, teen entrepreneur, and creator of all natural lip and body balms.

What did you do before starting your own business?

I’ve always dabbled in entrepreneurism since 18, but in the interim years, spent time as a financial planner, a Weight Watchers leader, and a consultant for a beauty, health and wellness company.

Why did you decide to start your web-based business?

I had entertained the thought of starting a blog about 8 years before starting it, long before anyone knew what a blog was. But because I was involved in my other business, I put it aside. I knew the internet had everything we could possibly want at our fingertips, and I had so many passions and thoughts about life and inspirations to share with others, I wanted to create my own space to inspire others with those things I was passionate about.

Why did you choose self-hosted WordPress?

I chose self-hosted WordPress vs any other platform because I knew this was known universally and I knew it was highly customizable. I chose WordPress from day one because I thought it would be pointless to switch down the road from a different platform to WordPress. I knew this was the platform of choice, so I went with it.

How do you make money from your WordPress-powered business?

Affiliate Marketing, Other

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Other

How do you drive traffic to your website?

I drive traffic mostly through social media. I promote my blog heavily on Facebook as well as Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and G+. I do very little paid ads, and those that I do use, I use on Facebook.

What’s the most important ingredient for a successful website/blogging business?

The most important ingredient for a successful blogging business is to blog consistently on a regular basis and utilize and tag businesses as much as you can in your posts and on social media. As you develop and grow your audience, you’ll be building a following, and they will be wanting more of what you have to offer them. That consistency will also prove good when working with businesses who will see you consistently put good content out there.

Where can our users learn more about you and your business?


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